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Experience the Shamanic Medicine Woman Rite of the 12 Light Bodies, the original ancient self-purification process. It is the most sophisticated energetic transformation process of its kind. The focus of this program is to facilitate a quantum upgrade of your power as a light-worker. You will be taken on a journey of self-transformation working with spirit animal medicine that will guide you to experience profound shifts in your consciousness. As each stage of the journey is passed, your capacity to hold, link into and express ever-greater levels of light is increased.
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96 Hours of Energy Teachings, Energy Downloads, Energy Encodements & Energy Clearings.
✅ International Accreditation
✅ The Power of Energy Medicine Book,
✅ Energy Healer Medicine Journal &
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  • A dedicated EMI Medicine Woman to support you through the training
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  • Monthly small group circle with other students
  • Unlimited email support with your dedicated trainer
  • 24/7 access to our online training portal
  • 24/7 access to our online energy tribe
  • International Accreditation
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